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     Lux Gow-Habrich (星尘) is a multidisciplinary visual artist, facilitator and support worker of mixed, second-generation Chinese and German heritage, practicing in Kjipuktuk, Mi'kma'ki, the traditional and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq / L'nu.

     Following an Interdisciplinary BFA from NSCAD University, she is drawn to the immense storytelling capabilities in tactile processes as a means of unearthing buried intergenerational pain and power. Their interest in ritual objects and commemorative practices center on diasporic experiences of loss and belonging, embodied hybridization in blood and spirit, and honouring the untold stories and unspoken legacies that live inside each of us.

     Committed to developing inclusive creative platforms, collaborative praxis and reimagining cultural futures – Lux externalizes intense internal grievances, to open up collective issues and qualities of larger community struggle to allow for shared moments of compassion and insight.

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